Tube Tie Breakaway Goal (#503581)

Tube Tie Breakaway Goal (#503581)

$ 249.00


Product Description

Virtually fail safe, the Tube Tie Breakaway Basketball Goal features an adjustable shock absorbing, release/return mechanism fully concealed within a protective cover. It is designed to withstand shock loads due to a player slam dunking and/or hanging on the rim. The rim deflects down when a static load greater than the set point is applied, and returns to the playing position once the load is removed providing superior strength for maximum player safety.

Product Specs

  • Indoor use only.
  • Rim is 5/8" (16 mm) diameter steel.
  • Fits both 48" (122 cm) and 42" (107 cm) bank.
  • Complete with mounting hardware and nylon anti-whip net.
  • All components have durable baked orange powder coat finish.
  • Tube tie net attachment for increased player safety and to meet international rules
  • Meets all NCAA, NFHS, and FIBA specifications.
  • Five-year warranty

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