Portable Height Adjuster Operator - Battery Powered

Portable Height Adjuster Operator - Battery Powered

$ 1,279.00


The Portable Height Adjuster Operator features a compact, reversible, cordless drill style winder that makes the operation of manual height adjusters simple and safe. Fabricated using ½" (13 mm) diameter round stock, the crank hook comes with a durable black powder coat finish. Flat sides at the bottom of the crank keep it from rotating in the drill winder's chuck. The crank hook fits into the loop at the end of the threaded rod assembly on all Draper Manual Height Adjusters.

Product Specs

  • Includes auxiliary handle, carrying case, charger, and two one-hour batteries.
  • Includes 48” (121.9 cm) long crank hook.
  • UL listed.

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