Championship Outdoor Steel Volleyball System

Championship Outdoor Steel Volleyball System

$ 1,848.00


Product Description

The Championship Outdoor Steel Volleyball System features a rugged system constructed of zinc coated steel tubing for high-level competition. Adjust net with a single locking knob on each movable net attachment bar. Top net rope is tensioned using a worm gear style winch with 2" (51 mm) wide nylon strap and the bottom rope with a ratcheting rope tensioner. Net adjusting track allows net height anywhere from tennis 42" (1.07 cm) to men's competition volleyball 7' 11-5/8" (2.43 m). Backlash-free worm gear top rope tensioner provides superior net tension for ball rebound preferred by players and coaches. Easy-to-read height indicators on both posts.

Product Specs

  • Includes one winch upright, one anchor upright, a tensioning winch, and strap.
  • Includes 36” (91 cm) aluminum ground sleeves with cast aluminum caps for semi-permanent installation.
  • Posts constructed of 3-½" (89 mm) OD, 8 Ga zinc coated steel tube with net adjusting track welded to pole.
  • Includes 39" (99 cm) tall net constructed of 3.5 mm knotless nylon webbing with Kevlar top rope and polypropylene bottom rope.
  • All steel parts have a gray powder coat finish.

Optional Ground Sleeves are available (505308).
Replacement Collegiate Net (500014).

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