Clarity Shield CS (tabletop series)

Clarity Shield CS (tabletop series)

$ 325.00

Panel Configuration

Clarity Shield CS is a multi-panel folding tabletop divider that can help you protect your students, faculty, and staff while allowing them to do their work safely and in compliance with COVID-19 precautions at the same time. Use it to enclose an individual desk/workspace or as a divider between several people. 

It comes in a 3-panel, 4-panel, or 5-panel configuration with each panel measuring 22" x 22" and free to be adjusted as desired.

Checkout the images below for a look at the pattern of each configuration to determine which best suits your needs.

The lightweight, see-through social distancing barrier is made from clear vinyl and framed with aluminum. Our clarity shields provide flexible, safe learning or work environments in schools, offices, hospitals, and other facilities. 

Optional additions of table top "feet" packs may be purchased to provide a small clearance for the passing of paperwork or small items.

As always, Covid-19 is best fought through a combination of CDC recommended procedures including appropriate social distancing measures, sanitizing practices, and more as suggested by health and local authorities.

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