Contour Seat Module (CSM) Solid Color End Cap

Contour Seat Module (CSM) Solid Color End Cap

$ 12.00

Burgundy (05)
Purple (09)
Michigan Blue (25)
Royal Blue (44)
Light Blue (03)
Brown (40)
Red (06)
Orange (20)
Gold (02)
Tan (01)
Black (08)
Hunter Green (26)
Grey (10)
White (22)
Green (04)

* Orders over 100 pcs consult Interkal for bulk order discounts.* Modules manufactured from 1999 to 2015 that are no longer covered under a warranty and are damaged for unknown circumstances, two samples must be mailed to Interkal to review and to determine if further discounts may apply. Small orders may require a tool placement + colorant fee 

- Richly textured modules, available in a host of designer colors. Available colors include tan, burgundy, purple, Michigan blue, royal blue, light blue, brown, red, orange, gold, black, hunter green, green, grey and white.

- Custom module colors, other than those shown, as well as contrasting end caps are available upon request. Color depictions may vary slightly from the actual color. Please contact your local Universal representative to verify your color selection. (Color code) designations follow color names.

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