72" x 48" EZ-Strut Glass Backboard - For Four Corner Mount (#503156)

72" x 48" EZ-Strut Glass Backboard - For Four Corner Mount (#503156)

$ 1,507.00


72" X 48" glass backboard for replacement where it is required to match existing backboards.

Product Description

    (503156) FOR 4-Corner Mount. Extruded heavy, clear anodized, non-glare aluminum frame, the Rectangular Glass 72" x 48" (183 cm x 122 cm) Basketball Backboard provides maximum durability. A replacement for like-sized backboards, the entire frame, including goal mounting structure is fitted with shock absorbing neoprene material to cushion and protect the glass section. It features fully tempered ½” (12 mm) glass with official white target and border permanently fired into the glass. All four frame corners are mitered and fitted with a flush, plated steel gusset-type mounting bracket with keyhole slots. Goal mounting structure of heavy formed steel is secured to the lower horizontal frame member to minimize stress on the glass section.

    •  Indoor use only.
    •  For replacement purposes only. Per current rules, should not be used for new construction or major renovations.
    •  Only for use with backstop structures with goal brace direct goal attachments.
    •  Goal mounting holes (4) are standard 5" (13 cm) horizontal x 5" (13 cm) vertical mounting centers.
    •  Optional 5032XX backboard safety padding.
    •  Lifetime limited warranty when installed on a Draper® EZ-Fold® basket-ball backstop with goal brace or direct mount height adjuster.


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