EZ Power Remote System

EZ Power Remote System

$ 210.00


Product Description

The EZ Power Remote System offers wireless radio control with a commercial type 110-120V AC receiver with a coding switch for individual operation by portable transmitter. Handheld transmitter can operate up to 99 individual electric motor winches, eliminating complicated, expensive wiring, wall boxes, and individual key switches with a radio control system. Each 503060 receiver operates one electric motor for backstops, dividers, mat lifters, overhead volleyball systems, and height adjusters with up to a 1 hp rating. Operating range is approximately 75’ (22.86 m). Components purchased separately in whatever combination required. One transmitter and one handheld receiver required to have an operable system.

Product Specs

  • One transmitter (503060) and one handheld receiver (503061) are required to have an operable system (each sold separately).
  • One 503060 EZ-Power Receiver is required for each motor to be operated and supports low-voltage supplemental key switch (sold separately).
  • 503061 is battery-operated and powered by a standard 9-volt battery and can individually operate up to 99 transmitters.

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