Fosse Bat Rack (13 bats)

Fosse Bat Rack (13-bat rack for Baseball or Softball)

$ 225.00

Fosse Bat Rack (13 bats) with Fence Attachment

Our Fosse bat racks are a great way to protect your expensive bats from damage. These racks hug the wall conserving your dugout space. They also provide easy access to your bats. This unit is made of premium quality wood and is very sturdy and beautifully crafted. Fosse bat racks hold up to 13 baseball or softball bats. Built with MDO signboard material, this unit is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and made to be left up all year. Plus, the Fosse bat slots come with a provision to allow drainage of water and melting snow, making it maintenance-free. Hardware for a dugout wall attachment comes standard; but optional hardware for a chain link fence attachment is available at an additional cost. These racks are perfect for any level of baseball or softball team program.

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