Locking Brass Cover Plate Assembly (#501035)

Locking Brass Cover Plate Assembly (#501035)

$ 245.00


Product Description

Locking Brass Cover Plate Assembly features a permanently attached hinged cover that includes a rotary locking mechanism. While concealing and protecting the volleyball sleeve; the locking mechanism secures the cover to the ring. This prevents the cover from bouncing or creating a dead spot during basketball play. Cover plate assembly is securely attached to and installed flush with the floor for safety and consistent play with other sports.

Product Specs

  • Cover plate assembly is 7-½" (19 cm) OD by ½" (13 mm) thick. Opening diameter is 4-3/8" (111 mm).
  • Includes six #10 x 1-½" (38 mm) brass flat-head wood screws.

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