Maintenance-Free Quiet (MFQ) Locker, 1-Wide, Assembled

Maintenance-Free Quiet (MFQ) Locker, 1-Wide, Assembled

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Hallowell Gray

These single-point latch lockers offer maximum door strength by incorporating a welded-in full-height door stiffener providing a torque-free door.  A continuous piano hinge insures worry-free door operation.  The no-moving-parts latching mechanism reduces life-cycle costs.  The stainless steel recessed handle allows the lock to sit fully-recessed into the door for added safety while reducing vandalism and improving overall locker appearance.  Wardrobe lockers allow for larger personal storage while box lockers are perfect for storing of smaller personal items.  Locks are not included.  1-wide units are ideal for completing your layout.  

Choose from a range of sizes as well as two great color finishes and single or double tier options.

  • 16 Gauge Continuous Piano Hinge

  • 16 Gauge Solid Doors with Welded-In 18 Gauge Full-Height Door Stiffener, 24 Gauge Body

  • Stainless Steel Recessed Handle, Single-Point Thru-The-Handle Latching

  • Cold Rolled Sheet Steel

  • Additional inclusions: 2 year warranty, 5 day shipping, 6" legs 


  • Single Tier lockers include Hat Shelf, 1-Double Hook and 2-Single Hooks
  • Double Tier lockers include 1-Double Hook and 2-Single Hooks 

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