Manual Height Adjusters

Manual Height Adjusters

$ 1,015.00

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For manual 8'-10' height adjustment for rectangular or fan shaped backboards and goals, featuring a direct goal attachment, specify (503092/503094). The manual height adjuster is designed to mount to virtually any style of backstop structure. Most Draper backboards have a Lifetime Limited Warranty when used with the manual height adjuster. Height adjuster includes a self-adhesive height scale that is graduated in 1" increments and labeled at 6" intervals. Height scale applied after installation to insure accuracy.

The manual height adjuster is crank operated and actuated via a ¾"-6 Acme threaded rod. The manual height adjuster is built with a main frame-assembly constructed of 2" x 2½" x ¼" steel angle and ¼" thick flat steel. Slip tubes consist of 25/8" O.D. outer tubes and 2¼" O.D. inner tubes. The manual height adjuster frame assembly is jig welded and factory assembled to insure precise alignment and smooth operation.

Height adjuster features adjustable nylon guide bolts to allow user to minimize movement between slip tubes. The height adjuster's actuator rod assembly is bolted in place and easily removed for conversion to electric operation.

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