Shot Clocks

Shot Clocks

$ 2,979.99



  • Portable 30 Second Shot Clock
  • Dimensions:  28"x26"x8" each
  • Digit Sizes:  13"
  • Electrical:  20-amp, 120-volt, 60-hertz, grounded AC
  • Shipping weight 22 lbs. each
  • 3 Options for power and controller capabilities:
    • FT800SC shot clock includes wired power and wired shot clock controller only.
    • FT800SCW shot clock includes wired power and both a wireless controller in addition to the standard wired controller.
    • FT800SCWB shot clock includes wired power as well as a battery module for wireless power. It also includes two controller options - the standard wired controller as well as a wireless controller.
  • All models include 2-Year Warranty

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