Stationary Chinning Bars

Stationary Chinning Bars

$ 189.00


Stationary Chinning Bar [#502016 Single/#502017 Dual/#502018 Triple] by Draper, Inc. of Spiceland, IN.Bar assembly shall be 13/16" OD diameter steel tubing and have an overall length that is approximately [42"/83"/124"] long. Chinning bar assembly shall be constructed with galvanized tubing that is saddle cut and welded to formed 13/16" OD galvanized extension frames that extend bar 13¼" from attachment point. [Single bar assembly has two extension frames and is fully welded/Dual bar assembly has three extension frames and is fully welded except for one bolted connection at the center extension frame/Triple bar assembly has four extension frames and is fully welded except for two bolted connections at the center extension frames]. Extension frames are securely welded to 2" steel channel creating a chinning bar assembly that is designed for maximum strength and durability. Each channel shall include two 7/16" diameter holes for anchoring to a sturdy wall or other structure. Chinning bar assembly shall be fi nished with durable and attractive gloss black powder coat.

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