Tetherball Ground Sleeve (2-3/8" x 18") with Neoprene Seal Cap (#505318)

Tetherball Ground Sleeve (2-3/8" x 18") with Neoprene Seal Cap (#50531

$ 335.00


Product Description

23/8" x 18" Ground Sleeve with Neoprene Seal Cap, #505318
Outdoor ground sleeve shall be constructed with 25/8" OD tubing with an inside diameter of 2.41". Ground sleeve shall have an overall length of 24 1/8" and shall have a ½" diameter limit pin, creating a 6" debris trap at the bottom of the sleeve. Sleeve is fi nished with black powder coat. Cap shall be provided with a neoprene seal cap that when properly tightened with a 5/16 allen wrench (not included) makes sleeve virtually watertight.

#505318 Outdoor Ground Sleeve designed for use with Draper #505201 Tetherball System or any other 23/8" OD outdoor game standard requiring a sleeve with an inside depth of 18".

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