Wall-Mounted Electric Side-Folding Basketball Backstop (DGWE)

Wall-Mounted Electric Side-Folding Basketball Backstop (DGWE)

$ 1,835.00

Extension Size
Frame Color
Black Powder Coat
White Powder Coat
Folding Direction

Product Description

The small vertical space required for this backstop and the ease-of-folding makes the DGW-E Electric Wall-Mounted, Side-Folding Basketball Backstop ideal for multi-functional facilities. When not in use, a 115-volt linear actuator with integral limit switches folds the backstop nearly flat against either side of the wall. The DGW-E allows expansion of courts, yet requires little storage space when not in use. Features a steel tubing framing system unit that is supported by two welded-link chains when in play position. Frames have black or white powder coat finish; other color options available.

NOTE: Backboard, Backboard Edge Pads, and Goal/Rim are NOT included. Price is for the structure ONLY including only the components listed below.

Product Specs

  •  Specify whether unit is to fold to the right or left side when placing order.
  •  Includes a 115-volt linear actuator to fold backstop to either side.
  •  Steel tubing frame system.
  •  Includes 2x8 (3.81 cm X 18.42 cm) southern yellow pine wall pads at wall attachment points.
  •  Twenty-five year limited warranty.


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