Wall Pad Large Cutout Trim Kit

Wall Pad Large Cutout Trim Kit

$ 12.00


Wall Pad Large Cutout Trim Kits provide a neat and clean answer
to working around large items like re extinguishers, drinking fountains or similar xtures that are mounted on surfaces to be padded. Large Cutout Kits consist of molded inside corners, outside corners, straight strips and splices to allow for almost any size and shape of cutout necessary. Straight Strips and Corners are molded from a custom ame resistant thermoplastic elastomer formulation and have a Shore-A durometer hardness of approximately 89. Strips and corners can be eld cut to exact required dimensions to ensure a pleasing appearance. Cutout kits are available in light gray or black. Cutouts are designed to accommodate any wall pad with the standard 27/16” thickness.

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